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Success Secrets
Workshop Facilitator…
Transform Lives through Your Live Workshop,
Virtual Event, or Online Course!
Imagine holding a small workshop, connecting with others and having so much fun as you help them create an exciting vision for their life…

And while you’re helping others, you’re creating more abundance for yourself – it doesn’t get any better than that. I know working with one-on-one clients is rewarding and many coaches choose to build their business that way, however…

How would you like to impact more people during a small workshop with the potential to make more in a day than most people make in a week?

If you said yes… this is for you!

People are hungry for connection, community, interaction and support. A workshop is the PERFECT way to bring like-minded people together while focusing on their goals and dreams and having fun at the same time - whether that's live and in person or live virtually - I'll show you how!

Imagine 10 people attending a half day workshop and paying you $75 or more each (we do a whole session on how to price your event based on length and what’s included) – that’s $750 for less than a day’s work. ..

Imagine 10 people attending a full day workshop and paying you $150  or more - that's $1500 for a day's work.

Now imagine having 20 people or 30 people attending... Imagine being able to do that every couple of months!

In this exciting new 6 Module program I’ll show you exactly how to hold fun, small workshops based on the Law of Attraction. You’ll get everything you need to guide participants through a step-by-step workshop and have them leave feeling amazing and on track to achieve their goals. And… at these workshops as a Success Secrets Workshop Facilitator you’ll attract your ideal coaching clients and have the ability to create even more income after the event.
And the best thing is, you don’t have to invest hours and hours of your own time into developing a workshop program, and you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars to hire people to help you create it. By becoming a Success Secrets Workshop Facilitator you’ll save a ton of time, energy and money that will free you up to do what you do best – make a difference in peoples lives

That’s because I’ve done all the hard work for you!

When you take part in this workshop facilitator training, you are investing in an entire Done-For-You workshop and a license which gives you permission to edit and customize the content in any way you like. You can put your business logo and name on it, and present it to others in your community, or hold a live virtual event or even turn it into an online course!
The exciting thing is…
when participants take part in your workshop, many will be eager to have additional or more personalized support from you to ensure they achieve their goals, making this the ideal and easy way to sign new coaching clients or find new customers for your other products or programs!

If you're ready to leverage both your time and money (and save both), this is what you've been waiting for.
You’ll Get an Entire Workshop with:
  •  6 Training Modules
  •  6 Fast Action Plan Worksheets & Exercises
  •  1 Facilitator Notes
  •  Participant Workbooks
  •  Additional Handouts and Checklists
  •  2 Sets of PowerPoint Slides (if you want to get fancy!)
  •  1 Guided Visualization script
  •  1 Recorded Guided Visualization to use during the event or as a bonus for participants
  •  Case studies of other successful workshop facilitators – what they’re doing and how they did it.
Special Pay In FULL Bonuses
  • Get Booked on Cruise Ships – Travel the world to exotic locations presenting your workshop
  • There are over 1.5 million cruises a year around the world (although currently those numbers are reduced), and most of them have several speakers on each cruise. Speaking on cruises is FUN. You can visit exotic destinations, be seen as a celebrity on the ship and as a bonus, you may even be booked for other workshops. In this interview you’ll hear from one of my students about how to get booked on cruise ships, how often they want you to speak, how you can promote your products and programs, make sales and gain new clients and even other speaking contacts – all from a ready made audience! If you’ve ever wanted to travel the world and make money at the same time, this could be for you! We have a few coaches who are now doing this – hear from one of them how easy it can be!
  •  Instant Full program access (instead of rolled out over 6 weeks)
When you complete this program, you’ll be able to present this workshop within weeks (not months or years), and that means you can start enrolling participants and accepting payments right away.

My mission is to make it easy for coaches just like you to make an impact on the world and be of service to others, in the most powerful and aligned way possible.
“I find the workshops fun and the power-point slides you supplied are great for prompting the flow of conversation. People are really connected & I have their full attention which tells me they are interested in what I’m saying. I am so grateful I did the facilitator training because talking to people about what I have learned is easier than I thought. The more I do, the better I feel. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for the opportunities you have opened up for me. I really am living my dream life”

Kirrilee from N.Z.
So What’s Included in the Success Secrets Facilitator Program?

Become a Success Secrets Workshop Facilitator and you’ll receive everything you need to hold your own Success Secrets workshops.

You’ll have access to all audios from the Success Secrets live event I held on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia. You can listen to exactly how I present these fun events, and… you’ll take part in this 90 min workshop so you fully comprehend all the concepts, ideas, steps, secrets and exercises. This will enable you to facilitate this powerful workshop after experiencing it yourself, and then feel confident holding your own workshop.

Being a Success Secrets Workshop facilitator allows you to easily work with clients who are seeking a deeper understanding of how they can use the Law of Attraction, so they can attract more of what they desire into their life including more prosperity, health, happiness, success and love!
At the end of this training, you’ll have everything you need so you can hold your own workshops:

                     -  One-on One
                     -  In small groups
                     -  In large groups
                     -  At live workshops
                      - Even use it as material to present at a longer retreat

You’ll discover how to share the principles of the Law of Attraction and empower others to create a life they love in an easy to present start to finish workshop formula. You’ll learn how to offer participants other products and programs you have including higher paying coaching packages because they want more information, more support, more of you! Imagine making a few hundred to a few thousand dollars in a couple of hours – this program will show you how it can easily be done simply by helping other people achieve their goals. Even if you’ve never held a workshop in your life (and think you never will) you’ll want to take part in this program because it can transform the way YOU think! And when you feel ready to hold a small workshop, you’ll have everything you need to get started.
The training consists of…
Module 1 – Intro and Living the Law of Attraction
Discover why holding your own workshops will:

Attract your ideal clients to you
Create additional income (as often as you like)
Allow you to become the ‘go to’ expert for the Law of Attraction
Put you in front of groups of people who want coaching or other products or programs
Transform more people’s lives
Have you spending time with like-minded people having fun and making money!
During this session you’ll go through the Law of Attraction Success Secrets workshop yourself to experience the shift that can occur during this fun and empowering event. You’ll have access to the audios of the live event immediately upon registering and you must listen to LOA Success Secrets BEFORE you start Module 2. You’ll also discover what to do BEFORE you even hold the event so you have potential clients lining up to be coached by you.

“I’m so happy I took the training!
Kabirah Taylor
Module 2 – Presenting Your Event
During this module you’ll discover how to use the Facilitator notes as is, or tailor the workshop to suit you and your LOA experience so your participants love your event and you! This is where I go through the presentation slide by slide and explain why and what to say (and how to personalize part of the presentation if you’d prefer). This will save you hours of time and energy as its all done for you! If you have a niche, I’ll even show you how to tailor the event to YOUR niche. 

You’ll receive:

Complete Facilitator Manual
Copy of Sandy’s PowerPoint slides
Edited power point slides for you to personalize
Complete Participant Workbook
Participant Workbook in word doc. (for you to personalize)
Participant Discovery Sheet
Sample event schedule
Guided visualization script to use during the event
Recorded guided visualization from Sandy to use at your event, or give to participants as a bonus for attending
“The Success Secrets Facilitator program has given me a base to start doing webinars and public speaking which has led to more opportunities. My next LOA Success Secrets event will be held on board a P&O cruise ship as part of my speaking engagement on the Law of Attraction!”
Kathryn Eggins, Australia
Module 3 – Manifesting Your Ideal Workshop
During this module you’ll determine what your ideal event looks like and who your ideal participants are. You’ll use the Law of Attraction to begin creating your ideal vision NOW in the metaphysical. That way when you’re ready to hold your event The Universe will have already begun to align all the necessary components to ensure your success.

You’ll discover:

      Your Ideal Participant worksheet
      Ideal Event Desire Statement
      Oh No, Oh Yes worksheet
      Successful event guided visualization

This session will allow you to ‘put your order in’ so you receive the support of the Universe and the right people are drawn to support you and to attend your event.
Plus, You’ll Also Get:
BONUS Sales + Marketing Materials Kit
to Help You Promote Your Workshop
and Start Collecting Payments:
I want to make it super easy for you to promote your workshop and start collecting payments, which is why I’ve included tons of fabulous sales and marketing materials to use in your marketing and promotions.
Here’s What’s Included in Your Sales + Marketing Materials Bonus Kit:
Module 4 – Event Business Bliss
During this audio I’ll share all my tips and secrets so you can successfully hold your event.

You’ll discover:

   How to determine the date
   Finding the right venue for in person events
   Pricing your Workshop
   Taking payments on and offline
   Filling your event
   Boosting Your Attendance
   Getting the media to promote your event
   How to offer other products and programs at your event
   How to get participants to hire you as their coach or purchase your other offerings
  How to make the whole thing SUPER easy and fun for you and your participants
Marketing Materials including:

    Copy of emails you can use to send to others
    Copy of sales page to promote your event (if you have a website)
    Copy of thanks page to ensure participants are excited about attending
    Copy of event reminder emails
    Press release to send to local media (for live event)
    Social Media posts
“My business is picking up and I have been attracting the right people, events and circumstances onto my space with this knowledge. I have had two radio interviews and after one I even got called back after to come train the staff”     Joan Agha, Nigeria
Module 5 – Boosting Your Profits
In this audio you’ll learn all my tips on how to make the most of the event so you work less and make more money.

You’ll discover: 

          How this transformative workshop allows clients to want to work with you
          How to Double, Triple or Quadruple your event profits
          How to make participants want more of what you offer
          How to make money after the event
          How to sell other products and programs at your event (and which ones are best)
          And much more!

Worksheets to ensure your event is a success:

          Order Forms
          Sales Table Layout to boost sales
          Event Success Tips Worksheet
          Feedback Forms
Upon completing the program you’ll go through an online ‘completion test’ you’ll receive a badge to put on your website or marketing materials. You’ll also have all your materials, including Facilitator notes, handouts and promotional material ready to host your very first workshop!
You’ll be a
Success Secrets Workshop Facilitator
The Success Secrets Workshop course will enable you to easily begin holding your own events so you create a income boost as well as connect with your ideal clients.

Bonus #1 – How to Fill Your Workshop in less than an Hour
You might be excited about holding a workshop and changing peoples lives and even creating an additional income. But then your self-doubt sets in. “How on earth am I going to get people to come? AND pay me?” Your excitement may lessen and you go back to playing small. Here’s the answer… In this bonus session I’m going to show you exactly how to have excited participants at your very first workshop! Within an hour of this session you will have at least 50 potential attendees!
Bonus #2 – Public Speaking, from Fear to Fantastic!
Here’s a bonus for those of you who think you’ll never have what it takes to speak to a crowd. Once upon a time the idea of speaking in front of a small group terrified me so much that I would do anything not to have to speak to a crowd (more than 3 people was a crowd to me!)

In this bonus visualization you’ll be guided through a process to enable you to overcome any fear of public speaking so you can empower yourself to become a confident speaker – whether that’s live in front of an audience or simply over the phone or virtually via the web. I’ve been able to overcome my terror of public speaking and I know you can too!
Bonus # 3 – Q & A session
I want to make sure ALL questions are answered. So anything I didn’t cover in the modules I answered on a live Q & A

This is NOT just a training where you’ve got a whole lot of material to go through and then left to your own devices. Part of the training and completion is showing you exactly how to have your presentation mapped out and personalized so you are ready to get started as soon as you’ve finished your training – we’ll even give look over your materials to ensure you are making the BEST possible impression to your potential customers.

Imagine you hold just ONE workshop with 15 people attending… that alone can give you a cash-boost of over $1000 depending on which model in the training you decide to follow. Then imagine how much more you could make if just 5 of those attendees purchase an additional product, program or become one-on-one clients for 3 months. This is all possible when you follow the exact steps you’ll discover inside the Success Secrets Workshop training. When you follow the very simple process I share with you, you’ll be surprised at how many people want MORE of what you offer!
Yes, I’m ready to secure my place in this special training
Get instant access now – ONLY $997 for the entire training,  manuals, handouts, marketing materials,
 bonuses and MORE!
You’ll discover exactly how to make your tuition back (and more) from your very first event.
PLUS – Special pay in FULL BONUS
*Get booked on Cruise Ships – Travel the world presenting your workshop
*Access to entire program immediately
If you already know this is right for you and want to become a Success Secrets Workshop Facilitator, secure your place now – take part in this Module training, get everything listed, hold your own Success Secrets events and…
Start Creating Extra Income
Transforming Lives at the Same Time!
Simply choose the payment option above that suits you best and you’ll have instant access. Just imagine, in around 2 months YOU could be holding your very first Success Secrets Workshop!

*Please note, all sales are final, there are no refunds or cancellations once you have access to the material, whether or not you have commenced or completed your training
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